Starbucks Copycat Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher #healthydrink #drinkrecipe #smoothiehealthy #cocktail

In the event that you love the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher, you're going to cherish this duplicate feline formula since it tastes simply like the genuine article and your wallet will much obliged. Besides, the entirety of the fixings can be found on Amazon Prime, so you can make this ASAP! For those of you who like the Dragon Drink, look at the notes on the formula card at the base of this post!

While doing research for this drink, I ran over a couple of plans, however none of the plans I found had green espresso bean extricate. They likewise utilized crisp, pink mythical beast organic product. In all honesty, I am in support of crisp fixings; be that as it may, I don't have boundless access to pink assortments of mythical beast natural product. Besides, the plans called for mango squeeze, and I don't know whether that is promptly accessible to me, either.

Presently, I know the stop dried mythical serpent natural product is the thing that gives it that wonderful pink shading. How would I know this? Indeed, I know this since certain assortments of dragonfruit are pink, and besides, I had bought a mango mythical serpent organic product boost from my nearby Starbucks, and they came up short on the stop dried monster natural product pieces. The outcome was a light green hued boost rather; I thought it tasted unique.

Next, I bounced on Amazon and searched for green espresso bean remove and powdered (solidify dried) mythical beast natural product. To make these boosts, I chose to evaluate Monin's mango organic product puree as opposed to pureeing mangos myself, however you can attempt crisp mango puree. *If you chose to utilize new mango, you may need to utilize more. Likewise, it won't keep as long.*
Starbucks Copycat Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher #healthydrink #drinkrecipe #smoothiehealthy #cocktail
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  • 1 tsp powdered (freeze-dried) dragon fruit
  • 3/4 tsp green bean coffee extract (powder) see notes
  • 3 c water
  • 2 1/2 c white grape juice
  • 2 pumps mango puree, approx. 2 tbsp
  • ice
  • fresh dragon fruit pieces, optional


  1. Make and serve: Whisk together powder ingredients and water until dissolved. Add white grape juice and mango puree. Mix to combine. Serve over Ice. 
  2. Make ahead: stir together all ingredients except mango puree. Store in the fridge until ready to use. When ready to enjoy. dispense 1 pump/1 tablespoon into a 20 -24 ounce glass with ice. Fill with drink mixture. Use 1/2 pump/half tablespoon for 12-16 oz glasses

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