Instant Pot Green Chile Chicken Chowder #vegan #vegetarian #soup #breakfast #lunch

Right now Pot Green Chile Chicken Chowder is so velvety yet at the same time light, and it's Whole30, keto/low-carb, GAPS, paleo, gut-sound, and FULL of fiber-rich veggies. Get this healthy and sustaining Instant Pot Green Chile Chicken Chowder on the table in less than 30 minutes!

All that new lime and cilantro lights up it up and makes me feel like I ought to eat at a beachside resort as opposed to battling back tears since we got six creeps of snow in mid-April! (Which really occurred. Also, I really tried this formula during that snowstorm… ) 🙂

I love that I can take crude chicken, an extremely terrible root vegetable, and feeding bone soup (alongside a couple of other delish fixings) and compose a velvety yet light chowder that is Whole30, keto/low-carb, paleo, gut-sound, and FULL of fiber-rich veggies!

Chowders are additionally normally made with bountiful measures of substantial cream. I don't have anything against substantial cream, yet for those of you who are sans dairy, overwhelming cream represents an issue.
Instant Pot Green Chile Chicken Chowder #vegan #vegetarian #soup #breakfast #lunch
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  • Cauliflower "Cream":
  • 2poundsfrozen cauliflower florets
  • 1cupbone broth
  • Green Chili Chicken Chowder:
  • 3tablespoonsnourishing fat of choicelard, tallow, butter, ghee, coconut oil, etc.
  • 7cupspeeled and diced celeriac - 1/4" cubescelery root
  • 3cupsdiced onion
  • 2-1/2poundsorganic/pasturedboneless, skinless chicken thighs
  • 3cupsbone broth
  • 1tablespoonsalt
  • 1tablespoonground cumin
  • 2teaspoonsgarlic powder
  • 1-1/2teaspoonsdried oregano
  • 1teaspoonchipotle powder
  • 1/2teaspoonwhite pepper
  • 1cupsugar-free salsa verdehomemade or jarred, just read ingredients
  • 26oz. cans diced green chiles
  • 2limeszest and juice
  • 1/2cupfinely chopped cilantro


  1. For The Cauliflower "Cream":
  2. Add the frozen cauliflower and broth to the stainless insert of your Instant Pot. Place the lid on the pot, seal the vent, and press the "Manual" button. Adjust the time to 2 minutes on high pressure.
  3. When the pot beeps, immediately release the pressure.
  4. Open the Instant Pot and carefully transfer the all of the cooked cauliflower and broth to a blender. Then, blend on high speed until smooth.
  5. Set aside.
  6. For The Chowder:
  7. Now, don't even wash the Instant Pot! Press the "Saute" button and add 3 tablespoons fat of choice to the stainless insert pot.
  8. Then add the diced celery root, onion, and all seasonings. Stir to combine.
  9. Saute for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  10. Next, add the chicken thighs — don't cut them up; add them whole — and the remaining 3 cups bone broth.
  11. Place the lid on the Instant Pot, seal the vent, and press "Keep Warm/Cancel". Next press the "Manual" button and adjust the time to 13 minutes on high pressure.
  12. When the pot beeps, immediately release the pressure.
  13. Using tongs, carefully remove the chicken thighs and shred with 2 forks (or use your stand mixer).
  14. Add the shredded chicken back to the pot, along with the Cauliflower "Cream", salsa verde, green chiles, lime juice, lime zest, and chopped cilantro.
  15. Stir everything together, taste, adjust seasonings if necessary.
  16. Serve and enjoy!

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