How To Make A Sheet Pan Snack Platter #appetizers #meals

How To Make A Sheet Pan Snack Platter #appetizers #meals

So the possibility of these huge exquisite epic charcuterie sheets, nibble platters, and board dinners are so enormous at the present time. Simply look through Instagram or Pinterest and sure enough you will see an epic board! What's more, don't misunderstand me I LOVE it! I am a snacker, so any kind of nibble platter and charcuterie make me slobber. Be that as it may, have you at any point perceived what amount those enormous exquisite sheets are or valued out those extravagant nuts? On the off chance that you include the majority of that up you are taking a gander at spending over $100 on a canapé/nibble dreadfully quick. So about a year back I chose to simply begin making amazing nibble platters with what I previously had and practical nourishment. What's more, presently I figured I should share, so this is How To Make A Sheet Pan Snack Platter.

Otherwise known as, the bites. So the best thing about making a sheet skillet nibble platter is you can completely make it you! I will give you my go-to things yet you can change things up and make it really yours! In any case, before we do how about we take a gander at the essentials each nibble plate most likely will have.

Underneath the formula card I've incorporated a montage of genuine models I've made, from a couple of decent gathering platters, to some I've quite recently made for my family for lunch.


How To Make A Sheet Pan Snack Platter #appetizers #meals


  • 1 Container of Dip, like hummus or ranch
  • Broccoli, cut into florets
  • Cauliflower, cut into florets
  • Baby Carrots
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Crackers, like Ritz or Table Crackers
  • 3 varieties snack cheese, sliced
  • 3 varieties cured meats, sliced
  • Anything else to make it your own


  1. Start by placing your dip(s) on the sheet pan, use fun bowls or I like to use my glass Pyrex that both look good and have a lid that can snap on for traveling and easy clean up! 
  2. Then build your dip-ables around your dip. So start piling your vegetables around your dip, it doesn't have to go 360º around the dip but you'll want those veggies near the dip so people don't have to continuously reach across the tray. 
  3. Once your dip and dip-ables are in place, Add about 1/3 of the meats and cheese. I usually will fan some around the edge or next to the vegetables. You can also roll up the meats, or flower them to make the presentation look better.
  4. Before you add the rest of the meat and cheeses, fan out your crackers, I always like to have fun with my cracker fan because it looks so cool and takes next to no effort. If you are using sleeved crackers it is easiest to gently open up the wrapping but leave them in the sleeve, then gently push them out onto the platter so they stay together, then you can fan them out.
  5. Once your crackers are spread out fill in the rest of your meats and cheeses, use the methods I mentioned above like, fanning and rolling them up to give your sheet pan snack platter some extra pizazz! 
  6. Serve immediately or cover with tin foil or plastic wrap until ready to serve (if making a while ahead of time you'll want to refrigerate the sheet pan).

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