Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding #desserts #cakerecipe #chocolate #fingerfood #easy

This Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding is light, smooth, thick and velvety simply like scrumptious chocolate mousse. All that's needed is 2 minutes to get ready so before you realize it's you'll be delving into this protein-stuffed, nutritious chia pudding that is certain to be another top pick!

Who wouldn't like to eat chocolate chia protein pudding for breakfast? I love awakening to this debauched, smooth and rich pudding! It makes bouncing up before anything else a breeze! With the option of veggie lover chocolate protein powder, this chia pudding is high in protein and with the additional fats from the chia seeds and bested with cut organic product for sugars, you have a pleasantly adjusted breakfast.

The thing I love most about chia pudding is there are unlimited assortments so you never get exhausted. This rendition is extremely brisk and simple and makes a heavenly, sound pastry, or a fast breakfast or nibble whenever. Basically mix it and stick it in the ice chest to set. The pudding itself is overly rich and thick, because of the enchantment forces of chia seeds however the best thing about it will be it's the ideal vessel for all your preferred garnishes!

This pudding is nutritious all alone yet you can include much more cell reinforcements, nutrients a minerals by adding discretionary superfood powders to the formula. These superfood powders are intense so you just need a limited quantity, attempt 1/2 – 1 tsp to begin and just utilize 1 or 2 at once. You shouldn't taste them in the formula on the off chance that you simply include a modest quantity. Two or three great mixes to attempt are maca and lucuma, turmeric and ginger, maqui berry and camu or chaga mushroom and crude cacao.
Chocolate Chia Protein Pudding #desserts #cakerecipe #chocolate #fingerfood #easy
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  • 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tbsp (24 g) chia seeds
  • 1 serving (44 g) of Vega Performance Protein in Chocolate
  • 2 tbsp (14 g) raw cacao powder or cocoa powder
  • 2 packets (4 g) powdered stevia or liquid stevia drops to taste (or 1 tablespoon sweetener of choice such as maple syrup)


  1. Add the milk to the blender first, then add the chia seeds and blend for about 30 seconds.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender.
  3. Blend until very smooth and creamy, adding a bit of extra milk if it’s too thick to blend.
  4. Scoop the mixture into a container or bowl and place in the fridge for at least 60 minutes up to overnight.

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