CHERRY LIME MOJITO #drink #cocktail #smoothie #sangria #mojito

CHERRY LIME MOJITO #drink #cocktail #smoothie #sangria #mojito

Today I need to acquaint you with the most up to date expansion of my "mojito gathering"!

At this point, you probably definitely realize I adore mojitos! What's more, fruits are in season, which is incredible.

What's more, increasingly significant – I had the capacity to locate some dim red ready fruits (I've been worn out from purchasing cherries, that are not ready).

Cherry and lime is one of my most loved combinations.I additionally develop mint in my patio nursery, so making this mojitos was so basic! I likewise utilized straightforward syrup, which is my little mystery for the ideal mojito.

This beverage could without much of a stretch be made in a pitcher and served at a gathering.

CHERRY LIME MOJITO #drink #cocktail

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For The Simple Syrup:

  •  (If you'd like to make your own simple syrup, this recipe makes around 1¾ cups)
  •  1 cup granulated sugar
  •  1 cup water

For The Cherry Lime Mojito:

  •  6 cherries — , stems removed, pitted
  •  juice from 1 lime
  •  12 mint leaves
  •  2 oz white rum
  •  2 oz simple syrup
  •  1 cup crushed ice
  •  1/2 cup club soda

For Garnishing:

  •  fresh cherry
  •  lime wedges
  •  mint leaves


For The Simple Syrup:

  1. Prepare simple syrup, by combining 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water and bringing it to a boil. Stir to let sugar dissolve and remove from heat. Let syrup cool.

For The Cherry Mojito:

  1. In a sturdy glass, combine cherries, mint leaves, rum and simple syrup. Muddle to extract juices from mint leaves and cherries. Add ice and then top with soda water.
  2. Garnish with lime wedges, mint leaves and fresh cherry. Serve immediately.
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