KNOCK YOU NAKED PARTY PUNCH #drink #punch #party #lemonade #sangria

KNOCK YOU NAKED PARTY PUNCH #drink #punch #party #lemonade #sangria

The best party punch plans simply possess a flavor like juice, which is the reason this Knock you Naked Party Punch is so great: it poses a flavor like squeeze so you'll drink so much you… you get the thought. This punch formula is made with only three fixings you as of now have close by: Corona, vodka, and lemonade. Three basic fixings, one phenomenal mixed drink formula!

I've been setting off to a similar beautician throughout recent years and we generally talk about existence and work, family and companions when I'm there. Getting features and a cut takes around 2 hours, which is a lot of talk time. She knows I'm a nourishment blogger so a ton within recent memory is spent discussing plans or what we've been eating of late.

As of late we were discussing new mixed drink plans. We're both doing the lower carb thing and need something that is scrumptious yet fun and new, so I revealed to her about my Skinny Vodka Party Punch. We got to discussing distinctive punch plans and she raised one called Skip and Go Naked Punch. I'd never known about that at the same time, clearly, the name was interesting.

KNOCK YOU NAKED PARTY PUNCH #drink #punch #party #lemonade #sangria

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  •  52 ounces lemonade — cold
  •  2 cups vodka
  •  36 ounces corona — cold
  •  Lemons and cherries — for garnish


  1. Mix all ingredientrs in a pitcher.
  2. Serve over ice garnished with lemon and a cherry.

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