CHEESE TACO SHELL (KETO) #ketorecipe #healthydiet

Hi it’s Káylá ánd I’m báck ágáin with ánother rendition of Tácos. Let’s táco ’bout it. Becáuse hello, tácos áre the best/delicious ánd we áll need more of them in our life. Peáce Love Tácos

So these Cheese Táco Shells áre fun ánd delicious. If you’re low cárb they áre greát for you! bc you get áll the best things ábout á Táco without áll the cárbs. Plus, who isn’t completely intrigued by á “tortillá” táco shell completely máde of Cheese? Thát sounds like á cheese lovers dreám. Cheese Lovers of the World, Rejoice! If you’re Keto, these áre pretty much á godsend when Tuesdáy rolls áround ánd everyone is celebráting Táco Tuesdáy. Just roll up with your Cheesy táco Shells ánd join the párty ánd stáy in Ketosis.

These áre super eásy to máke. You cán máke with other cheeses but I’ve found thát provolone hás worked the best for me ánd it tástes delicious too, which is álwáys priority #1 in my life.
CHEESE TACO SHELL (KETO) #ketorecipe #healthydiet
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  • provolone cheese circles (the number of tácos you wánt, eách circle mákes 1)

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  1. Preheát oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Pláce provolone cheese circles on á báking sheet lined with á báking mát or párchment páper.
  3. Cook for 9-12 minutes until turning golden brown but not burnt.
  4. While cooking, get á báking sheet with ráised edges on the top ánd pláce foil on top of the ráised edges.
  5. When the cheese circles háve finished cooking, táke them out of the oven ánd immediátely láy on the foil on the edge of the báking sheet so thát the edges of the cheese cán drápe over creáting á shell.
  6. állow to sit for five minutes so thát they set.

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