Blue Margarita #healthydrink #delicious #Fresh drinks #cocktail #margaritas

Blue Margarita #healthydrink #delicious #Fresh drinks #cocktail #margaritas

You know those weeks where you sense that you should be a mobile zombie? All things considered, I'm feeling that route directly about now folks. Hubby is wiped out, infant young lady is getting her fifth tooth, and there's a wide range of insane going on in my more distant family.

Be that as it may, GOOD NEWS: My sister had her child!!! She is doing extraordinary and her child is sound as well. He has a head brimming with hair and the cutest little nose. My child's response to meeting him was PRICELESS, "I'm going to cherish him SO much! TEN MILLION PIZZA's!" (in our home we measure love in pizza's!).

This beverage returns me to my wedding trip in Mexico. My significant other previously ran over the notorious blue margarita there. He saw somebody with it, and before long asked the barkeep, UH WHAT IS THAT?? What's more, would i be able to have one?? Furthermore, he was in a split second snared FOR LIFE.

My better half is a hankering based eater. He will eat basically anything, don't misunderstand me, however he's specific about "what sounds great" every day. I think a Blue Margarita, like our Creamy Habanero Sauce, is one of only a handful couple of things that will ALWAYS solid great to him.

Blue Margarita #healthydrink #delicious #Fresh drinks #cocktail #margaritas

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Ingredients :

  • 4 shots tequila, blanco
  • 3 shots blue curacao
  • 3 shots simple syrup
  • 3 shots lime juice
  • ice (to fill each glass)
  • salt, for the rim (optional)
  • lime wedges (optional)

Instructions :

  1. To prepare, fill each glass to the top with ice. 
  2. Add the tequila, blue curacao, simple syrup and lime juice into a cocktail shaker. Shake well. 
  3. Pour into your glasses and enjoy!
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