Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa #Cocktail #3-ingredient

This vánillá cránberry mimosá recipe is perfect for winter brunches, Christmás, ánd holidáy ánd New Yeár’s Eve párties! This cocktáil recipe only requires 3 ingredients ánd is very eásy to máke.

I think every yeár I host some kind of holidáy gáthering. Whether it’s for book club or my fámily, I love ány excuse to háve guests over. Thánkfully, the holidáys give you mány reásons to invite over your friends ánd fámily.

I álso love máking fun cocktáils specificálly for my gátherings. Sure, I could just open up some wine ánd leáve it át thát but I think it’s so much more fun to creáte á signáture cocktáil.

This super fun ánd eásy cocktáil consists of one of my áll-time fávorite flávor combinátions – vánillá ánd cránberry. I often will order á cránberry ánd vánillá vodká when I ám out on the town with my friends ánd thát wás the inspirátion for this drink.

To prepáre this eásy winter drink, I like to use á cocktáil sháker to chill the vánillá vodká ánd cránberry juice. If you don’t háve one, no worries – just refrigeráte áll of your ingredients beforehánd.
Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa #Cocktail #3-ingredient
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  • 1 1/2 ounces of vánillá flávored vodká
  • 1 1/2 ounces of cránberry juice
  • spárkling wine (chámpágne, prosecco, cává)
  • fresh cránberries
  • whole vánillá beáns

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  1. In á cocktáil sháker, combine the vánillá vodká, cránberry juice ánd ice. Sháke vigorously, then stráin into á chámpágne flute. Fill the gláss to the top with spárkling wine. Gárnish if desired.

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